Solar Industries is a primary extrusion supplier and marketer of solar pool heating systems worldwide.

Our mission has always been to produce the highest quality solar collectors in the world and to provide our customers with unmatched support after the sale. To that end, warranty claims have averaged less than 1/2 of 1% annually on our polypropylene collectors and every warranty claim has been honored since 1976.

Solar Industries feels strongly that our company will always be strong if we remain dedicated to the concept that there always room for improvement. Every aspect of our business is examined continuously and made better whenever possible. It is this dedication to excellence in every detail of our business that has brought us to the position we now hold.

Finally, the most important aspect of success is the ability to share it with others. Solar Industries recognizes our civic responsibility and has dedicated a portion of our profits to selected children’s charities. Donations totaling $100,000 annually have been given to causes ranging from abuse prevention to life threatening children’s diseases. We consider it to be part of our corporate mission to help build a world that is even better than the one in which we live today.